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Asp net detailview itemupdating

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Item Updating Dim account Id = CType(Employee List View.You probably want to put this code in the Item Updated event instead.control is probably the best among all data bind build-in controls in ASP.If you run the application you will have a dropdownlist populated with our vendors Now we add a second objectdatasource with the same Type Name, and we set the Select Method, Update Method, Delete Method and Insert Method to use the methods of the Vendors Manager’s methods. It’s because we don’t cause a postback to the server to let him change the data.To achieve that, we simply set the Auto Post Back property of the dropdownlist to true, so the dropdownlist is Re-run the application and change the selected value of the dropdownlist.There is one drawback though: you need to know exactly how control works with other controls such as the Data-Source controls and despite the fact that Visual Studio allows to configure the control via the Design mode from the Smart Tag, the most times you will need to change the generated code in order to function properly.

I tightened up Item Command, and it's now working as expected.The SQLData Source Insert Parameters collection is strongly typed.It does not have an Image type - so decaring the image field here is not possible.Notes: I stayed away from stored procedures for simplicity. Dates are handled as strings - handing them correctly is another blog 🙂In my actual app I am using auth - I cut that for simplicity of this blog entry I removed all state managment: user deleting of a row Ok step one is a database - you need to have one 🙂 I used an auto incrementing ID field set as a prmary key - this is used for master\details syncing and image gathering (explored later in this blog). Things of imortance are the ID column (primary auto incrementing field) and the image column (type is Image).Now the main Page - And now for the code: So there are some intersting technology notes here. NET 3.5, Microsoft introduced two new databound controls: the List View and Data Pager control which you can use to display and paginate your data in extremely flexible way.