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Most servers utilize ports 23 for making connections however the server operator can change them to something else.

To maintain your protection from hackers you only need to open certain ports on the router/firewall.

note that although the generated dll is correct seems to exist some checks in it or something similar which avoid the usage of the decrypted dll instead of the encrypted one, for example the game will load correctly but will crash at the multiplayer menu.

how to bypass the Windows File Protection without registry hacks or files modifications: for example if you want to substituite it's enough to go in c:\windows\system32\dllcache and delete the file available there, then substituite the real and then click on CANCEL and then YES when Windows will ask you to insert the cdrom the web access of Win-Spy can be easily bypassed using some fixed cookies like "bsup=F5DE0FF25D86C40F9778D8" or "bsup=88944B4EC605C2D0B50D6ADCCAFD" and then is possible to download any file from the remote computer through a directory traversal vulnerability, an example of HTTP query is available here (nc SERVER 80 -v -v this simple program is like an experiment to automatically add the servers listed in the page lower ping into the favorites section of UT2003.

Plus, it already features integrated texting, voice chat and instant messaging – eat your heart out Second Life.

the algorithm needed to decode and encode the Peerchat IP addresses visible with the IRC "whois" command inside the Peerchat server (through peerchat_irc).

This is done to prevent a malicious programs from exposing your information.

Halo CE utilizes port 80 (HTTP) to request the listing of servers on the Internet from Gamespy however once you decide to actually connect to a server Halo CE will try to connect to the port that server is running on.

The developer claims that millions of gamers meet online on Game Spy to play the hundreds of online multiplayer games and free demos it’s linked to.

They also claim the all-in-one interface offers the fastest game servers available – up to 60% faster than in-game browsers.