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Every time an animated film is successful, you have to read all over again about how animation isn't 'just for children' but 'for the whole family,' and 'even for adults going on their own.' No kidding!

" Animation owns the reputation of a frivolous medium suitable primarily for children's entertainment; according to numerous people from the animation community, this attitude prevails across much of the Western Hemisphere (and the Eastern Hemisphere's animation industry suffers this, though to a lesser extent).

Due to a new focus on long-format pieces by the major motion picture studios, only Disney remained in the American animation business -- and during The Fifties and The Sixties, it entered a period of being aggressively family-friendly.

But whereas I had fit in fine in elementary school, as the weeks went by, I noticed it wasn’t so easy fitting in with the different groups in junior high.Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) in Kenya is provided to all persons above 16 years of age in two different categories.Beginners who have never attended any form of learning join the basic literacy programme while school dropouts are accommodated in the post-literacy programme depending on the level that one left school.I would often talk about celebrity crushes with the kids I hung out with.A few times they mentioned a rap or r&b artist that I had never heard about.Rose says, “My dad says Awago is a place where beer grows on trees and everyone can sleep in until eleven.” It’s magical.