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Mausolea may be located in a cemetery, a churchyard or on private land.
It is also used as an adjective referring to something or someone that is somehow related to homosexuals.

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He shared the videos with his friend and even live streamed their having sex to his friend on Skype.Video graphing and clicking pictures of someone without their knowledge and acceptance is wrong and should be punished but what happens when this is done by the person whom you would trust your innermost secrets with, like your husband?In her complaint, she said that she had noticed some websites that contain her obscene visuals.During the investigation, the police found IP address of the computer that was used to upload the sleaze content.


Couples make around Rs50,000 to Rs60,000 a day through streaming their action in the bedroom.Remember the story of a Hyderabad man being arrested for live streaming himself having sex with his wife on porn websites for money?The incident has shocked the nation, but as bizarre as it may sound, this isn’t an isolated incident since experts suggest that it’s a growing trend among Indian couples as it opens up an income source for them.Police haven’t disclosed the details of the man considering his techie wife’s request.The cyber crime department got the complaint from his wife in November 2016.This time the news has come from much closer home, actually from Hyderabad.