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Alternatively, simply give your cabinetry a quick refresh with a few coats of paint.Both of these ideas are a lot cheaper and less hassle than replacing the entire kitchen.Hinging Option Doors need hinges to flexibly swing in one or both directions. You may choose the hinge’s design based on the design of door’s handle.The hinges are attached to the door’s inside edge and the wall.I had to do that on every single door (all eleven of them), so it definitely added to the timeline (and mess) of the project.

Taking this shot was actually the first time we’ve ever been able to close them all since moving in, which has been especially nice for rooms like Clara’s (no more propping the door shut with a floor pillow for naps) and the bathroom (for, well, obvious reasons).

What I ended up doing is transforming my flat doors into shaker style cabinets by simply adding trim to the doors. I will be sharing with you my process for painting kitchen cabinets and doors tomorrow.

Supplies: – 1 or 2 sheets of 4×8 1/4″ plywood ripped down into 2.5″ strips – Miter Saw – Nail Gun – Orbital Sander – Detail Sander – Wood Filler – Putty Knife DISCLAIMER: I am a DIYer, not a professional carpenter.

I bleached it twice, but it just need to be completely redone. After lots of research and planning – I created a plan. This might get a little lengthy, so let’s jump right in shall we. It took me about 100 trips to the hardware store, so maybe I can help you reduce that number a little!

Since I was starting off with flat doors, I had to turn them into shaker style cabinets somehow. I briefly considered making completely new doors, but as you might expect, that can cost quite a bit. ; ) This tutorial will be for how I actually transformed the doors into shaker style cabinets.